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Gail Segal Elmore

Executive Vice President, LW Investment Management (USA) LLC

Gail Segal Elmore, trustee of the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, credits a University of Maryland professor for what has turned out to be a long career in emerging markets. She received her BA in French and Spanish in 1975 and because she wanted her boyfriend at the time, pro athlete, alumnus and former trustee, to complete coursework for his degree, attended summer school at University of Maryland Global Campus after graduation and ultimately received a BS in Business Administration. A Montreal native, Gail’s experience as a foreigner led her to Thunderbird’s School of Global Management for a Master of International Management.

Gail is currently Executive Vice President for LW Investment Management (USA) LLC, a Florida-registered investment adviser focused on business in Latin America. Prior to that, she spent more than 20 years on Wall Street, mostly as Managing Director for Bank of America’s emerging markets sales, trading and research.

Her banking career began at Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago (CINB). In 1982, she was sent to Mexico as a troubleshooter and in 1984, moved to Boston to focus on middle market clients and debt restructurings. In 1987, Gail returned to NY to help build the emerging markets business. Under her leadership, CINB, renamed Bank of America in 1994 following a merger, became a major dealer, trading in assets across Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

Gail feels fortunate to have been able to step away from the bank when her sons were 7 and 10. Although neither has followed in her footsteps, they both navigate between ESPN and CNBC with ease and appreciate that women manage family funds. Gail is passionate about women taking control of their financial future. She writes articles and hosts financial literacy sessions for members of the National Basketball Wives Association, where she is co-chair of the finance committee. She is determined to demystify finance to help women feel comfortable using their voices (and pocketbooks) to make change.

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Gail Segal Elmore

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