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The Language of Annual Giving – Writing the Melodies that Motivate

Tuesday, March 1
10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Every one of your gift prospects has their own particular philanthropic preferences. Many want to hear about your needs. Some want to hear about your excellence. Some have gratitude for you. Some are nostalgic for you. Many want appreciation. Some want recognition. Most want accountability.

Join your colleagues and Bob Burdenski for a rundown of annual giving themes that resonate, and a look at how different educational institutions incorporate them into their fundraising. Peer voices?  Specificity? “Positive” urgency? In addition to sharing a range of samples from a variety of institutions, we’ll also discuss some wordsmithing mechanics that go into writing for annual giving. The construction of a letter vs. an email vs. a social media post?  Bullet points, visuals, indentation, underlining, bold text… and the good old P.S.? If the “language of annual giving” sometimes feels like a foreign language, this USM forum is for you.

Bob was named a CASE Laureate in 2019 and will chair the 2022 West Coast “Meeting of the Minds” Annual Giving & Advancement Services Conference, the 2022 Midwest “Meeting of the Minds” Annual Giving Conference and the 2022 Pacific Northwest Engage Conference. Bob is also conference director of the 2022 Northeast Annual Giving Conference and will be a featured speaker at the 2022 Southeast Annual Giving Conference.

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