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Hidden Figures: Mining the Annual Giving Data in USM’s Advance Database

Thursday, June 9, 2022
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Presented by CASE Laureate, Bob Burdenski and USM Director of Advancement Services, Vlad Jirinec

For the first time, we’re taking a look into the annual giving data that’s being collected across the University of Maryland System on the Advance database. While the System is comprised of a wide range of institutions, are there any annual giving metrics useful to some best-practice sharing and for identifying some relative success stories? What are some year-over-year trends? Any surprises? How’s donor acquisition across the system? How about donor retention? Who has some of the better stories to tell, and why?

Join us for a first-of-its-kind USM annual giving metrics discussion with actual USM benchmark data. We’ll see if we can find some results worth celebrating across all of our institutions, and provide you with some actionable examples and strategies you might adapt and adopt for your own program. And hear more about how to do your own deep dive into the USM annual giving data in Advance. It’s a data nerd’s delight!

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