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Presented by Beth Herman

Forge a Working Partnership Using Shared Expectations

Thursday, October 28, 2021
10:00 am – 11:30 am

We’ve all got a situation where we have to work together, things aren’t meshing, and both parties are frustrated.  It might be you and your dean, you and a colleague, the marketing and development departments, your advancement committee and your trusteeship committee, even landlord and tenant, for that matter. How do you know you should attend this session? If you have any situation where you talk ABOUT each other rather than TO each other about your differences.

Join International Coach Federation-certified executive coach and longtime large gift fundraiser Elizabeth B. Herman to learn a) theory behind resolving high-stakes conflicts or misunderstandings and b) a guided exercise for two alienated partners or groups designed to help you understand both perspectives and forge new agreements for cooperation–even if the personal chemistry doesn’t change.

These tools have been successfully used with presidents and VPs, development and alumni relations, development and marketing, advancement committee and staff, and many other groups.  You will walk away with tools you can use.

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