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Science for Citizens with the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Science for Citizens Seminar Series

Thank you for your interest in the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory’s Science for Citizens webinar series. The fall 2020 program has concluded. You are encouraged to view the Virtual Science Semester for archived videos of webinar presentations, and to access additional online science resources. View the Virtual Science Semester online at:


Located where the Patuxent River meets the Chesapeake Bay, the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory is the oldest publicly supported marine laboratory on the East Coast. Founded in 1925, it has been a national leader in fisheries, estuarine ecology, environmental chemistry and toxicology for more than 90 years. Our scientists conduct research from the Chesapeake Bay and around the globe.  From advising state and national agencies on sustainable fisheries management and breaking new ground in understanding how chemicals move between the atmosphere, sediments, and water to renowned work on nutrient dynamics and the food web, the lab is developing new scientific approaches to solving the major environmental problems that face our world.

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