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5.2024 Washburn and McGoldrick Webinars

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Washburn and McGoldrick Webinars

Portfolio Analysis and Understanding Wealth & Philanthropy
Thursday, May 2
10:00 am – 11:30 am
  • In advance of the workshop you will have homework to watch two tutorials: Prioritizing and Managing your Portfolio and Understanding Wealth and Philanthropy
  • You will be asked to analyze your portfolio, or a sample portfolio, based on the tutorial information and workshop materials we share with you, also in advance of the workshop. We will discuss your portfolio analysis in class.
  • You will review biographical material about four prospects before the workshop.
  • During the workshop we will have an interactive discussion on understanding wealth and philanthropy.
  • We will discuss the four prospective donors you reviewed. You will be moved into one of four groups and each group will be assigned one of the prospective donors. While in the group you will discuss how you would evaluate their wealth and philanthropic potential, what else you would like to know about each prospective donor and questions you would ask to determine more about their wealth and philanthropic potential.
Closing a Gift
Thursday, May 30
10:00 am – 11:30 am
  • You will have homework to watch two tutorials in advance of the workshop: Anticipating and Responding to Donor Questions and Closing a Gift. This will require about 20 minutes of your time.
  • You will receive background information for the in-class solicitation exercise, information about the prospective donor’s background, giving history and recent contacts. You’ll also be pre-assigned to a role for the role play (either the prospects, the gift officer, or the “observer”)
    and receive background information to help you prepare.
  • During the workshop we will have an interactive discussion on the two tutorials you watched.
  • Then, we will conduct the solicitation role play exercise on a prospective donor, focusing on responding to the donors’ questions and a focus on closing a gift. You and a few other participants will be moved into small groups and into a Zoom meeting room where you will play your parts.
  • Then, we’ll re-gather as a group and debrief on the exercise. The observers will report on what happened and analyze the results.
Presented by Susan Pettyjohn, Senior Consultant and Anne Berry, Principal, Washburn and McGoldrick

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