4th Annual USM Alumni and Donor Engagement Summit

Friday, June 8
Bowie State University's Student Center
8:30 am - 3:15 pm

Networking Lunch and Table Topics

Please join us during lunch at the designated tables to continue the conversation and discuss:

Career Programming for Alumni with Ann Martin, UMUC

Engaging Non-Traditional Students with Kate Crimmins, UB

Share Your Best Event with Shannon Gribble, FSU 

Breakout Sessions: 
Session 1 (1:00 – 1:50 pm)

1A) “Annual Giving Best Practices” with Liz Nelson, FSU
Meet with others in Annual Giving to share some best practices from this fiscal year. Bring sample scripts, mail pieces, or other materials you want to highlight and share.

1B) “Advance Demo: Future Data Verification and Loader Enhancements” with Sharon Lefkowitz and Amber Lighston, USM
Come to this session to see a demo of a data loader that the USM Advance team is working on.

1C) “So What?”: The Do’s and Don’ts of Impactful Campaign Communication” with Mary Pooton and Karen Myers, UMB
Answer the #1 question on the minds of your alumni, donors, and prospects! Effective communication happens within the framework of a campaign, when you tell a story that inspires and engages. Hear what two “veterans” have learned across a span of three capital campaigns. This will be an interactive group discussion focused on sharing examples of the challenges and successes in campaign planning, branding, marketing and outreach.

1D) “Reconfigured Reunions: Changing Approaches for Greater Alumni Engagement” with Jayme Block and Michelle Pryor, SU and Cynthia Sikorski, UMB Nursing
Are you seeing a decline in reunion attendance? Have you stopped having reunions altogether? Join us to discuss ways to transition from milestone year-only reunions to more effective all alumni invited engagement.

1E) “Social Media Strategy & Engagement - History in the Making” with Kait McCaffrey, UMBC
This session will cover the UMBC men's basketball team's historic and unprecedented upset over University of Virginia in the first round of NCAA tournament play and the impact this had on social strategy for the university. This includes how various campus partners came together and the importance of messaging and collaboration in an "all hands on deck" scenario.

1F) “Delivering Value for Alumni with Professional Programs & Networks” with Aubrey McLaughlin, UMCP
Looking for a new way to engage alumni outside the traditional happy hour or game watch? Join an interactive discussion focused on what works and what doesn’t work, and share creative ideas about creating engagement through professional development programming and industry-based networking groups that give alumni the added value they’ve been missing.

Session 2 (2:00 – 2:50 pm)

2A) “Online Alumni Engagement Beyond Traditional Social Media” with Jennifer Tomasovic and Kaitlin O’Connor, UMUC 
This interactive discussion will focus on innovative ways to engage your alumni communities outside the Maryland area by incorporating online engagement tools and strategies to achieve meaningful interactions. Discussion will be led by the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) - USM's largest online university with over 215,000 alumni located across the globe. UMUC will share how they use event platforms, social media and other online engagement tools to connect their worldwide alumni community. 

2B) “Communicating Effectively About a Campaign” with Jessica Jennings and Cheryl Plainte, UMCP
Discuss best practices for creating a multi-faceted communications and marketing plan in support of fundraising campaigns. Debate the most effective strategies for generating excitement and support through earned media, digital and print marketing, social media and internal communications.

2C) “Alumni from Day 1: Bridging the Transition from Student to Alumni” with Jenna Mills, TU
What’s next after graduation? Many students are unsure of what to expect from their alma mater when they graduate. Engaging with students through various stages of their college careers and leading up to graduation will aid in a smooth transition for young graduates and help to build goodwill and develop a culture of engagement. Discuss how partnerships with other departments on campus can benefit you in this process and learn best practices for adding a student engagement plan to your young alumni strategy. Join the conversation and share ideas on how to help bridge the student to alumni gap through communication, events and ambassador programs.

2D) “Working the Virtual Room - Engaging Through Social Media” with Shannon Gribble and Brooke Kirchner, FSU
Now more than ever we have to “meet” our alumni where they are. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – they demand a constant flow of information at their fingertips. Let’s talk about what works, what doesn’t, and new ideas on how to engage our alumni.

2E) “The New Era of Engagement: Interest-based Alliances and Affinity Groups” with Alexa Demski, TU and Rosalind Muchiri, BSU
How do alumni want to be engaged? Recent trends in alumni engagement have shown that individuals are more likely to participate in alumni activities and networking when they are geared toward shared identity, common interests, and industry. Individuals are also more engaged in alumni activities centered around campus organizations, Greek life, and student activities. Alumni also fall into categories such as geographical regions, majors, graduation years, and identities or cultures. Discuss how these groups can increase alumni participation rates, volunteerism and what services alumni staff can offer these groups to support them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to attract broad resources that transform the USM and its institutions, create a network of advocates to embrace the USM’s role as an educator and economic engine, and to grow a long-term, sustainable culture of philanthropy across the University System of Maryland.

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