Science After Hours with HPL

Two programs are currently offered, please register for each if you wish to attend both. Programs are Free and Open to the Public. 

Monday, March 25
6:30 to 7:30
Easton Branch of Talbot Co. Library

Dr. Louis Plough "What's in your water: eDNA can tell you
"The Plough lab at the Horn Point Laboratory uses genetic and genomic tools to understand what is in our waters. “The basic idea behind “eDNA” sampling is that aquatic species leave behind DNA in their environment. A water sample taken in the proximity of a particular species of animal or fish allows detection by the presence of their eDNA. Thus, we can track who is in specific waters". Dr. Louis Plough

Monday, April 29
6:30 to 7:30
Easton Branch of Talbot Co. Library

Dr. Tom Fisher: “Good news for the Choptank: improving water quality in the estuary!”
The Choptank estuary station near the Rt 50 bridge is showing improvements in water quality primarily due to upgrades in wastewater plants in the Choptank Basin, but that is not the whole picture. Join us to explore the many factors impacting improvements in water quality in the Choptank estuary.

Contact: Carin Starr or 410-221-8408

This event is an activity of the University System of Maryland Foundation, Inc. (USM Foundation). Funds earned or contributed will be managed by the USM Foundation for the benefit of the Horn Point Laboratory. Please make your check payable to the University System of Maryland Foundation, Inc.”

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