Science After Hours with HPL

Two programs are currently offered, please register for each if you wish to attend both. Programs are Free and Open to the Public. 

Thursday, October 3
6:30 to 7:30
St. Michaels Library, 106 Fremont St., St. Michaels, MD

Dr. Elizabeth North "OysterFutures: a process for consensus"
After decades of conflict over the oyster in Maryland, stakeholders in the oyster resource came to consensus through the science-based, facilitated Consensus Solutions process which was tested in the OysterFutures research program. This talk summarizes the process, the science, and the stakeholders’ efforts that led to their sweeping and meaningful package of recommendations for oyster management in the Choptank region.  

Thursday, October 24
6:30 to 7:30
St. Michaels Library, 106 Fremont St., St. Michaels, MD

Dr. Matthew Gray: “Lost and Found: historic role of oysters and new approaches to leveraging their ecosystem services”
In Chesapeake Bay, historic oyster populations had enormous impact on ecosystem functions; however, these populations were decimated over the past century and their ecosystem services were lost. As stressors caused by human influence mount, the ecosystem services of oysters are needed more than ever. In this talk, I describe how oysters and the services they provide can be leveraged to tackle serious environmental problems in the Chesapeake Bay and beyond.

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