Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall have and may exercise those rights, powers and authority of the Board of Directors as may from time to time be granted to it by the Board of Directors and may authorize the seal of the Corporation to be affixed to all papers which may require the same. The Executive Committee shall keep regular minutes of its meetings and deliver such minutes to the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Executive Committee, or in his absence, a member of the Executive Committee, shall preside at meetings of the Executive Committee, and another member thereof chosen by the Executive Committee shall act as Secretary of the Executive Committee.


Bonnie B. Stein, Chair
Joseph V. Bowen
William Couper
B. Gary Dando
Harry S. Johnson
Eric E. McLauchlin
J. Mitchell Neitzey
David C. Saunders
C. Emmerson Small

Non-voting Ex Officio Members

Dennis R. Wraase, Immediate Past Chair
Robert L. Caret, Chancellor
Leonard R. Raley, President

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Our Vision

Our vision is to attract broad resources that transform the USM and its institutions, create a network of advocates to embrace the USM’s role as an educator and economic engine, and to grow a long-term, sustainable culture of philanthropy across the University System of Maryland.

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