What does a social media network say about its user demographics?

When thinking about prospect research and knowing your donors, social media networks can be a wealth of unintentional information. As advancement professionals, we are constantly thinking about who to cultivate relationships with, how to start those relationships, and how to maintain them. Social media networks can often give us hints or details about a prospect or donor's personal or professional life that we may not have gleaned from our usual sources.

Additionally, with social media fundraising campaigns becoming a popular tool to connect with our current students and recent alum, knowing what sites they are using can be a powerful tool. As Business Insider points out, each social media platform cultivates a certain identity. Your needs may be better suited to Linked In and Facebook than say Instagram and Vine. Using Business Insider's breakdown of who is using what platform and how, it can help you decide which network you should prioritize for your organizational needs.

The report also highlights opportunities that lie ahead for each social network, how demographics affect usage patterns, and why some platforms are better for brands than others. When thinking about new and innovative ways to request donations or do prospect research, this could be a useful report in thinking about how to reach those targeted audiences.

Click here to read the full article and see the report.

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