Making the Annual Report a Visual Story with Instagram

As we begin to start production on our 2013 Annual Report, it is certainly worth looking at how other organizations have chosen to share their stories of the previous year. The Calgary Zoo took an innovative approach with their annual report and used Instagram to present a visual story line of the zoo's past year, including its highlights and even its financial reports. Instagram is a completely visual experience that allows users to capture a moment and share it socially – unlike Facebook which is more textually based, Instagram relies on its users taking photos.

Throughout its annual report, viewers are drawn to images that reflect the last year at the Calgary Zoo. In addition to your expected adorable animals, there are also pictures of people, signage, exhibits, and more. When you click through a photo, you can learn the origin of that photo or read a message from the President. You can also comment, like the photo, or share it with friends, and the zoo staff often interacts with its viewers.

Most importantly, the Calgary Zoo's annual report tells a story while saving money. As our readers and users become more proficient with social media and technology, the Calgary Zoo presents an intriguing way of sharing information that is interesting, engaging, and inspired.

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