Charities With Annual Funds More Likely to Meet Total Fundraising Goals

Some 77% of organizations with an annual fund meet total fundraising goals as compared to just 55% of organizations without such a fund, according to a new report on the impact of annual-fund campaigns in overall fundraising. Published by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, the report is based on a survey of 945 nonprofits in the United States and Canada. 70% of those nonprofits reported having an annual fund.

Crowdfunding: 10 Platforms on the Rise

Crowdfunding isn't just about about Kickstarter. There are many platforms to choose from when deciding what ideas to support or how to fund your own idea. Here are 10 platforms to know if you're thinking about crowdfunding for your institution.

14 Must-Know Facts About Fundraising, Social Media, and Mobile Technology

Online fundraising is rapidly rising, especially on mobile devices. If you haven't already adopted a mobile-first approach to online communications and fundraising, use the data from this report to help convince your executive staff and board that a mobile-compatible website should be high on their priority list. Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, monthly giving, and email fundraising is also proving to be effective.

Schooled in Giving

Want to improve your student philanthropy program? A new global survey reveals surprising trends and best practices.

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