The USM Foundation processes contributions from state employees received through payroll deductions. Each USM institution is responsible for securing the appropriate documentation from their employees and entering the pledge information in Advance.

  1. Forward Payroll Deduction Cards to the USM Foundation Business Office Gift Processor. (The USM Foundation business office will notify campuses of the deadlines each year for submitting the deduction cards to the USM Foundation so that they can be forwarded in time to Central Payroll for setting up of the payroll deduction for the new year. The USM Foundation has no responsibility for payroll deductions not being set up.)
  2. Upon receipt of the above, USM Foundation personnel will:
    • Photo copy the originals and file the copy alphabetically by institution; 
    • Send the originals to the Central Payroll office in Annapolis
  3. Bimonthly checks, representing funds withheld, are received from the State payroll department and are posted to USM Foundation holding accounts.
  4. Monthly checks, representing withheld funds that have been received from the State payroll department, are written from the USM Foundation holding account to the participating USM institutions that have their own foundations. (Participating institutions with their own foundations are currently Bowie, Frostburg, Salisbury, Towson, UMB and UMCP)
  5. Quarterly, for participating institutions that are affiliated with the USM Foundation (those not listed above), a report is prepared that identifies each participating employee and the total amount of his/her deductions within that reporting period. The individual OIA or the USM Foundation posts those totals in Advance, either as a pledge payment or as an outright gift, if there is no pledge on record.
    • The posting batch is adjusted to change the cash account to the holding account for the USM Foundation affiliated institutions’ deductions. 

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