A matching gift is a charitable gift made to a non-profit organization by a matching donor (usually an employer) under the provision that the original donor first made a gift the organization. Matching gift programs generally consist of the following to steps:

  • Individuals donate
  • Donors submit matching gift requests to the matching organization (usually their employer)
  • Non-profit validates receipt of gift from individual to the matching gift organization
  • Organization cuts check to non-profit
  • Non-profit records organization check as matching gift against original donation record 

It is the donors’ responsibility for submitting the request for a matching gift to the matching organization. The USM Foundation has no role in this step.

The USM Foundation gift processor is responsible for validating matching gift requests submitted by matching gift organizations. Since many organizations now have internet based validation processes, the USM Foundation gift processor is responsible for maintaining login information for these various validation websites. The USM Foundation has no responsibility for “collection’ of matching gifts from these organizations after the requests have been validated.

The procedure for processing matching gifts is as follows:

  1. Forward all matching gift forms or e-mails to USM Foundation gift processor 
  2. The USM Foundation gift processor:
    • Reviews all matching gift requests to ensure compliance with individual company policy as to eligible gift, donor, purpose, and recipient institution/organization
      • Forms will not be processed if they do not meet company policy. Those that do not qualify will be returned to the appropriate OIA.
    • Review the donor's record to confirm that the donor and the specific gift are recorded
    • Link the gift to the matching gift company
    • Complete the form (hard copy or online), including appropriate signatures and submits to the matching gift company.

      Note: Matching gift programs often have time limits for submission of matching gift requests and validations. It is the gift processor’s responsibility to ensure all forms are submitted in a timely manner so that potential matching gifts are not lost.

    • File a copy of the form under the company name
    • Forward all matching gift checks to USM Foundation gift processor for data entry

The USM Foundation gift processor matches the check with the copy of the matching gift form filed in Step 2 and enters the matching gift in Advance when it is received. Matching gifts should be entered in separate Advance gift batches. 

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