Personnel Files

The Payroll Administrator maintains the personnel files.  He/she confirms that all required documents are completed and on file for each employee.


Bi-weekly timesheets approved by immediate supervisor(s) must be submitted. These are done on-line through the third party payroll provider’s web-site. This record is used to compute pay for hourly employees and maintain leave records for salaried employees.

  1. Hourly employees will only be paid upon submission of a timesheet. Timesheets must be entered and approved by the end of business on the Monday after the pay period ends.  If it is received late, payment will be deferred to the next pay period.
  2. Salaried employees must also submit a timesheet for every two week period.

Annual Leave

The USM Foundation Payroll Administrator, using information submitted through the third party on-line bi-weekly timesheets, maintains the record of annual leave accrued and used by the employee. It is the employee’s responsibility to check and monitor these accrued/used balances and to notify the Payroll Administrator immediately if there are any errors. When an employee resigns or is terminated, accrued annual leave will be paid only to the extent that the information has been provided to the USM Foundation for its payroll records.

Payroll Changes

All payroll changes must be submitted on the proper form with employee and/or supervisory approval as applicable. Questions regarding the form to be used should be directed to the Payroll Administrator.

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