Purpose and Applicability

To establish a policy for employees of the University System of Maryland Foundation (USM Foundation) and/or for any individuals paid by the USM Foundation for services rendered, which permits members of the same family to be employed by or paid by the USM Foundation.


Members of the same family are eligible for employment by the USM Foundation and/or for payment by the USM Foundation for services rendered. However, a supervisor or subordinate relationship shall not exist between family members, nor shall one member of a family assume for the other the role of advocate or judge with respect to conditions of employment or promotion or remuneration.

Definition of a Family Member

For purposes of this policy, “family member” means spouse, children, parent of employee or spouse, brother or sister of employee or spouse, aunts and uncles of employee or spouse, nephews and nieces of employee or spouse, brother-in-law and sister-in-law of employee or spouse, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law of employee or spouse.

Family Members Recommended to Work for the Same Supervisor

When members of the same family are recommended to work for the same supervisor, the arrangement shall be approved in advance by the President of the USM Foundation or his/her designee. No appointment of a family member may be made without such prior approval.

Development of a Supervisor or Subordinate Relationship after Employment

If a supervisor or subordinate relationship between family members develops during employment or in a payment for services rendered arrangement, family members must notify the USM Foundation Payroll Administrator immediately.  Upon such notification, the USM Foundation must take action to ensure that the supervisor or subordinate relationship does not continue to exist. Such action may include transfer, reassignment or removal of one or more family members from the USM Foundation payroll.

This policy does not apply to appointments and promotions made, or to family relationships, which existed prior to the effective date of this policy.

Our Vision

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