Payment Options and Reimbursement Deadlines

Individuals are generally expected to use the USM Foundation’s Diner’s Club Credit Card or other personal credit cards to pay for T&E expenses subject to reimbursement. For expenses incurred using the USM Foundation’s Diner’s Club Credit Card, expense reports and receipts should be submitted within 5-7 business days of the monthly statement date.

For expenses incurred not using the USM Foundation’s Diner’s Club credit card, properly approved and documented reimbursement requests should be submitted to the Foundation within thirty (30) days of the end date of the business activity.

As a general rule, reimbursement requests submitted after six months (182 days) will not be paid.

Under limited circumstances, usually extended travel situations, T&E advances may be requested. Advances must be repaid within 30 days after the business activity.

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