When possible, travelers should stay at limited service hotels (e.g. Hampton Inns, Marriott Courtyards). Internet sites can often be used to find good hotel deals and use of these sites is encouraged. When attending a conference, travelers may stay at the hotel where the conference is being held. Travelers should avail themselves of the negotiated rates at these hotels whenever possible.

The cost of lodging should be kept to a minimum by requesting standard accommodations, whenever possible.

Legitimate lodging expenses include:

  • Standard room rate
  • Business telephone calls (reasonable calls home)
  • Luggage storage and tips for service
  • If traveler has a cell phone issued by either the Foundation or USM, the cell phone should be used instead of the telephone in the hotel room
  • Internet access fees

The USM Foundation will not reimburse travelers for the following expenses:

  • In room video rentals
  • In room mini-bar charges for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages or snacks
  • Health club or exercise room fees
  • Recreational charges such as golf, tennis and ski lift tickets
  • Laundry and dry cleaning charges (unless traveling for more than five days)
  • Costs incurred for failure to cancel hotel reservations

Lodging reimbursement must be done for actual costs. Per diems may not be used for lodging.

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