All travel, except within the State of Maryland or the Washington DC metropolitan area must be pre-approved. Also, all overnight travel, regardless of location, must be pre-approved. The approval request should include:

  • The purpose of the travel and the names of the persons or entities with whom you will be meeting,
  • If the request is to attend a conference, the conference agenda should be included,
  • The destination,
  • The anticipated mode of transportation, and
  • Whether or not an overnight stay is required.

Any travel expense incurred without prior approval, whether using personal resources or the USM Foundation Diner’s Club credit card, shall be the responsibility of the traveler. If such expenses were incurred using the Diner’s Club credit card, such amounts must be reimbursed to the USM Foundation by the traveler within 10 days of receipt of the credit card bill by the Foundation.

Documentation supporting the pre-approval must be provided with any travel reimbursement request.

Changes to the pre-approved travel, if substantial and known in advance of the travel, should be submitted for approval. Otherwise, changes to pre-approved travel should be reasonable and grounded in a substantial business purpose.

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