Reimbursements to Employees

Expenses incurred by USM Foundation or University employees out of their own pocket, or through the use of a Foundation issued credit card, are covered by this section. It is the responsibility of the individual incurring the expense to ensure that there are funds available in the appropriate account(s) to cover the reimbursement before the expenditure occurs. Failure to do so may result in insufficient funds available to reimburse the individual.

In order for an expense to be reimbursable you must provide documentation that you paid for the expense with your own money. This is typically a receipt that shows the expense was paid with cash or credit card. If a receipt shows that an expense was paid with reward points/dollars then the expense is not reimbursable. If you are earning rewards points from your use of a personal credit card use those rewards for personal purchases and not for business purposes because we cannot reimburse you if they are used for business purposes.

These policies do not apply to non-employees. For example, gifts may be given to outside business associates if there is a legitimate business reason, outside the de minimis limits. Or travel expenses for an outside contractor would be reimbursed based on the terms of the specific contract and not these policies.


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