Disbursement Request Form Checklist

The following list is used by the USM Foundation Business Office to determine if the Disbursement Request Form has been prepared properly and all necessary documentation is complete and accurate. Please refer to this list before submitting your Disbursement Form Request to ensure there are no delays in processing your request. Listed below are the most common reasons a request form might be rejected.

  • Campus Account (FRS #) is required to process payment (UMCP ONLY)
  • USMF Disbursement Form required from Department to process payment
  • The Employee gift of a de minimis amount has been exceeded (Allowable limit $150.00)
  • Payee and Approver cannot be the same person (Approver cannot authorize their own DRF)
  • Approver is not listed as an authorized approver on the account agreement form
  • Reimbursement check requests require supervisory approval (Signature required)
  • Business purpose does not comply with donor restrictions for the account being charged
  • Business purpose/reason for the expense is vague or absent
  • Improper project number
  • Outdated Disbursement Request Form (new forms are on our website)
  • Outdated/wrong expense code (Codes and Definitions enclosed for reference)
  • Inadequate back‐up documentation: itemized invoice or itemized receipt was not attached
  • Need original invoice and /or back‐up documentation
  • The total on supporting documentation does not agree with the total on the disbursement request form
  • Account CLOSED or Account DEFICIT
  • Distribution of charges on disbursement request form does not equal the total
  • Social security number (for individuals) or Tax ID number (for businesses) is required for taxability purposes
  • Payee address is missing or does not agree with vendor address in our accounting system.
  • For business meals, events, and entertainment expenses, please provide the business purpose, names of individuals attending, and the attendees’ relationship to the institution.
  • Citizen status information is not provided. Please check the appropriate box on the disbursement request form and provide proof of Permanent Resident Alien Expiration Date. VISA HAS EXPIRED
  • A W‐9 tax form is required (For services rendered)
  • A W8BEN tax form is required
  • Event Literature MISSING (provide email, invitation, flyer, brochure or announcement)
  • Other



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