Changes to Account names, purposes, administrators, authorized signers, or spending parameters are communicated to USM Foundation staff via the Account Agreement Update form or an MOU amendment. Endowments and Quasi Endowment terms are changed via an MOU amendment. All other changes to these accounts and to Operating accounts are made via the Account Agreement Update form.

MOU amendments should follow the same drafting, review, editing, and signature routing process as described above for original MOU’s. MOU amendments will be scanned to the account record in the financial software.

All changes made via an Account Agreement Update form must be authorized by a current authorized signer on the account or, in their absence, by the Dean of the College associated with the account. Account Agreement Update forms can be sent to the USM Foundation through our Support e-mail box. We do not need original copies. Changes to account attributes and report distribution lists will be made upon receipt of the Account Agreement Update form and the form will be scanned to the account record in the financial software. 


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