Foundation Terminology


An IRS tax form that is part of a Foundation employee’s new hire packet which identifies the employee’s federal payroll tax filing status and number of exemptions and is used to determine the amount of federal income tax withholdings from each pay check.


The W-9 form serves two purposes. First, it identifies whether a vendor is subject to 1099 reporting requirements. And second, the information on the W-9 – name, address, and taxpayer id – along with the payment information accumulated through the year - is the basis for the data reported to the IRS on the 1099 form. We require W-9 forms for all new vendors whom we will be paying for goods or services.

We also provide our W-9 form to outside organizations to verify our tax id number and organization structure.

Wye Herd

A herd of Angus cattle donated to the University of Maryland which became the founding gift of the USM Foundation. The Wye Angus program still operates as part of the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Our Vision

Our vision is to attract broad resources that transform the USM and its institutions, create a network of advocates to embrace the USM’s role as an educator and economic engine, and to grow a long-term, sustainable culture of philanthropy across the University System of Maryland.

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